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QR Code/MTX/Security Code/UV INK/Thermochromic Ink/OVI/Brand Name/Website

M-Tag® Premium

QR Code/MTX/Security Code/UV INK/Thermochromic Ink/OVI/Brand Name/Website

M-Tag® Premium is a security solution which can guarantee the highest level of security with the following materials: special security materials (MTX) that changes color depending an external magnetic field and special materials (e.g. Thermochromic Ink, Optically Variable Ink, Invisible Ink) whose color changes in various environments.
A change in the color of the label in a variety of environmental conditions can be easily observed with the naked eye. This solution can be used for online authentication using the dedicated app, M-Check.
With its double-layer structure, the security of the QR codes and security codes has been increased. It is an ideal anti-counterfeiting solution with the highest level of security and optimal marketing elements so that it can be used for online marketing activities.




Prodcut view

Product Specifications

Product Name M-Tag® Premium
Product Description Double-layer label, Applicablefor online and offline,Prevents the reuse.
Label Size 22mm x 25mm
MTX Size 7mm x 8mm
Material Synthetic Paper
Print Specifications CMYK Four-Color Printing, Spot Color Printing
Supply Forms ROLL, SHEET
MOQ 100K
Basic Specifications Destroyable Cutting Lines: If you try to detach the label from the adhered surface, it is designed to be destroyed so that it cannot be used.
Optional Specifications BRAND NAME: Company Logo and Phrase Printing / select the colors for the color bars located at the top and bottom.
M-CHECK : apply the company logo to each application page and select specific graphics (Customizable-Page Production).

How to Authenticate Products

  • STEP 01

    Detach the label along the dotted line

  • STEP 02

    Check the color change (Brown ▷ Green) by using various magnets (e.g. rubber magnets, speaker magnets of mobile phones, etc) in everyday life.

  • STEP 03

    Run the authentication application (M-CHECK) scan the printed unique QR code on the lower part of the label and enter the security code to check the authenticity of a product.


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