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What is the OFF-LINE SYSTEM ?

End customers need are liable and easy authentication system.
In general, an optimal authentication solution should be capable of checking the authenticity of each product quickly and easily, and it should be difficult to be counterfeited.
Holograms, QR codes and RFIDs have been dominated the anti-counterfeiting markets, but their non-uniqueness have been raised as a dilemma to be the right anti-counterfeiting solution.
The M-Tag, on the other hand, is the world’s only magnetically color changeable anti-counterfeiting solution that can be easily operated with any magnets.


We NANOBRICK have manufactured high-security anti-counterfeiting solutions that allows everyone to easily check the authenticity of each product by using core security materials: elements (Optically Variable Ink, Thermochromics Ink) that our consumers can check the authenticity easily and conveniently on site, magnetically color-tunable and technology-intensive materials (MTX) and elements (UV light: Invisible Ink) that can be viewed by using special equipment.

  • Magnetically Color-Tunable Material (MTX)

    A material that changes color depending on the magnetic field

  • Optically Variable Ink (OVI)

    A material that changes color depending on the angle

  • Thermochromic Ink

    A material that changes color depending on the temperature

  • Invisible Ink

    A material that reveals color depending on the UV light


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