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What is M-Tag® ?

M-Tag® is a security solution that provides off-line and online authentication using a magnetically color changeable special high-security material and mobile phone application ‘M-Check’ respectively.
The authenticity product can be verified by checking a color change of the label using magnets (e.g. rubber magnets, speaker magnets of mobile phones or laptops) that is readily available in everyday life. In addition, its high-security features are optimized to prevent counterfeit goods from various products.
NANOBRICK’s magnetically color-tunable photonic crystal (MTX) is a new innovative material that changes color depending on the external magnetic field which affects an internal structure change of material.

The sources of mysterious colors including morpho butterfly, chameleon and opal jewelry resides in the regular arrangement of nanoparticles

NANOBRICK’s magnetically color-tunable photonic crystal (MTX) is a new innovative material whose color changes depending on the external magnetic field through stimulation technology
(Mimix) to implement the mysterious colors of nature.

  • The World's First Magnetically Color-Tunable Material

    The magnetically color-tunable photonic crystal (MTX) is a new material whose color changes depending on the external magnetic field.
    We NANOBRICK have succeeded in its mass-production for the first time in the world.

    It is a special security material whose color can be changed by using common magnets.(Brown → Green)

  • Magnetically Color-Tunable High-Security Material

    The magnetically color-tunable photonic crystal (MTX) is a new material that has been developed by NANOBRICK through its R&D over a long period of time. It has been manufactured through a new technology and process to retain high security.

    The M-Tag’s core production technology and anti-counterfeiting system isa registered patent at international patent registers in Europe, US, China, and Japan etc.

  • Marketing Partner

    To improve customer satisfaction, we offer a variety of information such as the authentication, product information, historical information about handlers and etc.(We provide a shopping mall link service, track and trace services, distribution channels of counterfeits and etc.)

    We can support various upcoming marketing events

  • Total Solution

    Our solutions can allow our consumers to check the authenticity of each product and to view additional information of each product via high-security offline and online authentication respectively.

    Therefore, it can be used in various industries maintained.

Genuine Authentication Label M-Tag®

The new magnetically-color-tunable material (MTX) is produced through a delicate nanotechnology and complex manufacturing process.
With a number of domestic and international patents, the creativity and innovation of the products are recognized and protected.

Genuine Authentication Label M-Tag

  • Companies that need a reliable authentication system to improve consumer confidence

    Ms. A, a female customer in her 20s
    "I am reluctant to buy Company B’s cosmetic products because there are too many its counterfeits.
    Shouldn’t I purchase authentic products since they are to be used on my skin?"

  • Companies that have tried a variety of security technologies with no effects

    Mr. D, Company C’s marketing team manager
    "We have to take urgent actions after hearing the news about counterfeits at first.
    However, counterfeits have occurred again within a few months because we have adopted a security technology with a lower estimate to minimize the cost. We are concerned that we need to find another technology.”

  • Companies that are concerned about counterfeits before releasing a new product

    Mr. O, Company E's CEO
    “Many employees had struggled day and night to launch this new product. Even though the product gets even popular, we are concerned that we may be hit by its counterfeits. In addition, we cannot invest too much money.... We are hoping for a solution which can certainly prevent counterfeits at a low cost...”


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