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M-Tag® was born to protect brands and products.

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  • Q# What is M-Tag?


    The color-changeable material that changes its color when contacted to external magnet field. Any magnet 

    (ex. Rubber magnet, Speaker magnet of cellphone/notebook) in daily life can be used to identify its color changes and its authenticity. 

    Through its exclusive use of application, M-Check, specific QR and Security code are recognized to proceed on-line authentication. 

    After the authentication, on-line marketing activities like product information, event, shopping mall links, etc. can be utilized as an effective anti-counterfeiting solution with the optimal marketing tool. 

  • Q# What is Magnetically color changeable material?


    The main concept of MTX (Magnetically Color Tunable Photonic Crystal) was first inspired from the nature; Beetle shells, morpho butterflies and etc.  The principle of nano technology have been known from 1980, though it could not accomplish mass production or commercialization. However, Nanobrick has devoted to turning development into mass production. It cannot be copied or counterfeited because Nanobrick is the world’s first and only company to produce. With high security, magnetically color-changeable anti-counterfeiting solution is new material as marketing tool enhancing brand image and product reliability.


  • Q# What is M-Check?



    It is a mobile application to check the product’s authenticity. You can download it from app store(play store). By scanning the QR code and enter the security code, you can proceed to on-line authentication.
    When you operate it, you can check the product’s information. Unlike other counterfeiting method, the mobile app it is easily operated by anyone. Inside the tab, we can provide product usage, website, online malls can be linked. 


  • Q# Why is the color changed when it is close to magnet?


    The magnetically color changeable material is composed of nano-sized iron oxide particles, which is attracted to the magnet. The specific coating technology enables repulsion between particles. The exact mechanism is ordered alignment of nano particles which are attracted to magnet and dispersed between particles. The interval between particles varies and makes color change. The interval makes difference in reflected light and turn into difference in colors. 

  • Q# What type of M-Tag are produced?




    We have four type of M-Tag. Four are Classic, Lite, Standard and Premium type. 
    M-Tag Lite is made of anti-counterfeiting material that changes its color responding to external magnet field. It also contains printed QR code and Security code that are able to proceed on-line authentication.




    The off-line and on-line product authentication are intended for anti-counterfeiting labels. All security code is strictly managed by distinct security system and its exclusive use of application, M-Check. , leads to on-line marketing as well. After M-Check undergoes product authentication, it further provides online marketing tool at a low cost, yet high efficiency security solution.
    M-Tag Standard : Double –layered type which combines off-line and on-line product authentication.
    M-Tag standard is most appropriately used on liquor, skincare products and electronics goods are applied



    M-Tag Premium : The banknote security class anti-counterfeiting solution. M-Tag premium protects your luxury goods with a world class anti-counterfeiting solution that combines numerous leading-edge security technologies for ultimate protection.


  • Q# Is there any danger of counterfeited products can be produced because manufacturers make regardles



     It is the only and world first manufacturer of magnetically color changeable material, succeeded in mass-production and film making


    The principle of nanotechnology have been known to scientist. As other nano technology it was only been proceeded in laboratory. The lab scale experiments and results have been discussed, although it could not accomplish mass production or commercialization. However, Nanobrick has devoted to turning development into mass production. It cannot be copied or counterfeited because Nanobrick is the world’s first and only company to mass produce. Nanobrick has spent several years and tremendous billion dollars to develop the new material. If other companies try to copy the material it takes tremendous time and expenditure, which is not possible to conduct. When it comes to conglomerate to copy the new material, it is adverse to legal condition. Nanobrick technology has applied and registered patent for manufacturing anti-counterfeiting material. It is illegal for big companies to distribute the product, which is against patent. The magnetically color changeable nanoparticles are produced under delicately synthesizing processes which are being protected by patent. The intellectual property is protected by patent, thus it cannot be copied.


    In other words, the tremendous time and expenditure to copy and protection by patent, anyone cannot copy the new material.


  • Q# How many patent Nanobrick retain?




    We have registered more than 40 patents and 14 trade marks. Recently, we have certified New Excellent Technology (NET). 
    You can refer to it from our web site. www.m-tag.co.kr.
    We have acquired quality management system ISO 9001:2008, environmental management ISO 14001:2004. 



  • Q# Which type is the highest security? What is the security level of authentication?



    M-Tag premium is the highest security both on-line and off-line solution with the new-material.
    It is a combination of UV, OVI(Optically Variable Ink), thermo-chromic ink and MTX. The UV sensing ink change the color when it is exposed to UV. OVI varies the color depending on the viewing angle. The technology for anti-counterfeit has evolved from covert, overt and Forensic. 
    Overt: Well-known technology with hologram type. Easy to be copied.
    Covert : UV ink which can be viewed by UV light or Infrared. Expensive.
    Forensic : It can be viewed with special ink which it is not common way of verifying. Expensive


  • Q# What is the size of the label, tag?


    Basically, it is nail like size. 


    M-Tag Classic :15mmX15mm, M-Tag, Lite Standard, Premium : 25mmx28mm, 
    The size can be adjusted to what you requested upon your product. 



  • Q# Can you change the pattern or color of label to be put on my product?



    We can print your brand name on the label, with your brand’s specific company image or logo for each brand. 

    You can suggest us your own design or better design can be suggested by Nanobrick designer. 

    We can ask change of the color for your log according to your request.


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